Here’s a little something to get your weekend going. Whatever your deepest fear is, whatever it is you’re sh*t scared to do – I’m pretty certain it will never be freedive-into-the-deepest-darkest-abyss-in-the-world scary. So just jump in and do it. Read on…


I’ve always been in awe of startups that come out of nowhere, with no plans to generate revenue – let alone profit – and be able to raise hundreds of millions (or billions!) in funding.

Rube Goldberg machine

If you own a small business, you’re likely spending your free moments figuring out ways to run it better and more efficiently. Here are 5 indispensable tools we use every day to make sure we’re communicating effectively, and hitting our goals with time to spare.

The old agency model - not looking terribly good these days.

The old agency model is nearly (if not already) dead. Five years of running a digital agency has given me a glimpse of what is on the horizon, and for us who are still stuck in old school agency mode, it’s not going to be pretty. Read on…

Screen Shot 2012-10-06 at 3.14.57 PM

Beautifully captured moments of otherwise manly men… throwing rocks with their other hand. It’s the great gender equalizer: everyone looks so frikkin’ awkward. A little something for the weekend. Enjoy!

Dilbert is (as always) spot on.

I used to write a lot of emails. Hundreds a day. I was pretty darn good too. In fact, when I was still working for one of the largest global advertising agencies, my boss gave me a promotion based on my ability to write bulletproof emails. Who’da thunk?

A good corporate email covers all possible angles while elegantly obfuscating the actual point. I call this Redundant Hyperbolic Corporate-speak. By the end of the email, you want your reader to prefer to take a large wooden mallet to their frontal lobe rather than attempt to disentangle the 27.3 related issues that make up “your point”.

Braised cabbage, bacon, and potatoes!

My new favourite vegetable: the humble cabbage. It’s a bit weird if you just eat it as is – but what if you slow braise it with a couple strips of bacon? Throw in a potato and what you have is mind-blowing, mouth-watering goodness. Read on, dudes and dudettes.