Seeing Morocco in 10 Days

Camel dung smells. This is how we saw Morocco in ten days. It’s written as an itinerary, but it’s really a diary entry to remind myself of the beautiful people and landscapes we saw on our trip. If you’re searching for an experience that is at once memorable and mesmerising, read on! Continue reading Seeing Morocco in 10 Days

Online games just… kind of suck.

You know what? It basically boils down to this. Imagine you’re in a vast open world MMORPG. You’ve just slayed some massive beast in a harrowing, all-or-nothing, death-defying battle, when your supposedly wise, sage-like online companion (a wizard who’s supposedly older than the land itself) suddenly turns around and utters, “yo n00b wtf is wrong with you. get teh (sic) crossbow.” So much for immersive experiences, man. Continue reading Online games just… kind of suck.