What School Shootings Say About Us

3 thoughts on “What School Shootings Say About Us”

  1. The media does glorify/desensitize us to violence, but it also has the power to highlight issues and mobilise institutions/people to address urgent issues (such as all the teen suicides in HK are alerting related parties to step up student welfare). And I do think there is virality in acts of kindness/advocacy… it’s just that negative news is more memorable and easier to have a response to. It’s like we share the same set of negative values, but different positive values.

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    1. Oh yeah, the media and entertainment industries glorifying / desensitizing violence is a whole other can of worms too.

      But I think Granovetter and Gladwell are implying that – regardless of *how* the news is reported (even if completely objectively, or tangentially about suicide prevention) – that the increased frequency of the exposure means more people are hitting their thresholds, and faster. Much like the 1000th rioter requiring 999 others before him, except we see more of everything happening more frequently since the Net and 24-hour cable. The example of increased suicide rate in the US over a similar period (late Nineties / Internet boom onwards) I think tentatively suggests that there’s some correlation, while taking media ‘glorification’ out of the equation.

      And I guess my question would be, if all that were hypothetically true, do we have an obligation to change our relationship with “news”?

      “It’s like we share the same set of negative values, but different positive values.” – Love that. You should write a post on that some day!

      Thanks for the comment!


  2. Very interesting post Jiksun! This reminds me of the example of Roger Bannister’s sub 4 minute mile, initially deemed impossible but once accomplished, many others followed. I do agree with the advent of the internet and social media, people are hitting their thresholds, and faster, all the more reason we need to be aware of the content we consume. This makes me glad that I stopped consuming “news”.


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