5 Essential Tools for Small Businesses [Updated]

11 thoughts on “5 Essential Tools for Small Businesses [Updated]”

    1. Thanks for the comment, I considered adding Evernote (obsessed with it as my goto app for everything from random thoughts to project notes) but I haven’t decided whether to roll it out across the whole team yet. Still trying to figure out whether it would improve efficiency / workflow.

      Will check out Hipchat and Brightpod too. Thanks!


  1. Hi Jiksun, Thanks for your article. These tools are really vital for business owners. I am familiar with majority of the tools you’ve mentioned here. I would like to suggest one business intelligence tool named Talygen. You get invoicing, time tracking, CRM, project management and many other modules intact.


  2. Nice tips, I also use Evernote for random ideas it’s a great catch all. I am starting a small business and every little bit of organization with daily tasks, schedules, workflow, and project management is a big help. I love reading about other businesses testing out new apps and how they have benefited, or not, from them, it really helps other businesses filter out the poorly constructed apps.


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