Online games just… kind of suck.

6 thoughts on “Online games just… kind of suck.”

  1. I mostly agree with what you have to say, here. The very nature of a MMO game makes it impossible to create a storyline, because there is no way the writers can possibly know what sort of character that you are creating. Another problem is the problem that you don’t want the actions of one player to adversely affect the experiences of other players. Add in one more factor – everyone wants to play the hero – and you end up with a generic storyline that seems fun enough to play through once, but does not fully satisfy anyone.

    That’s why single-player games are more memorable. The stories that they tell are much tighter, they can cause massive upheavals in the game world without affecting other players, and the hero of the story can be, well, heroic.

    Everyone plays MMO games for a different reason, of course. For my friends and myself, it is a way to hang out and socialize, despite the fact that we now live several states away from each other. For all we care, we could be playing Monopoly rather than slaying orcs and trolls. In the end, we will remember each other’s jokes and comments in the voice chat channel more than what happened in the game.


    1. @koljarn

      That last line was great, and I agree with you in that players make their own memories. Thanks for the comments.

      What MMO are you playing these days?


      1. I’m in City of Heroes at the moment. It has a lot to offer in the way of game mechanics so that two people of any “level” can hang out together. However, it is only a matter of time before I head back to Lord of the Rings Online, which has the advantages of a stunningly beautiful environment and a setting based on Tolkien’s massive body of work.


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